Our Dad, Clifford Goll....thanks Matt

Thursday, August 2, 2012


 Ok gang, long time no post.  I am (as you can see) 95% done with the BIRD BROTHERS CHALLENGE!!!  I still have some minor cosmetic things to do on panel lines (vulcans in particular & beam swords).  This turned out to be the most educational build to date for yours truly.   Seeing Hendo's build is quite impressive and when we have a mini-summit we shall compare notes, take pics and lament
horror stories which there were many.  Per any Gunpla enthusiast, especially when you are making the leap to custom builds, you have a ridiculous standard you hold yourself to which sometimes is a determent.

 So, I post these pics as a prelude to the build write up.  This will be my last "Major Build"  via the sacred "rattle can process.  My next post will review this actually very fun build and a prelude to the future as the Airbrush and compressor have been purchased.  The Golden Age of T-13 Modeling is on the horizon.  Build long and Prosper!!!  So, next post will outline all the aforementioned topics plus a few surprises!!!  Enjoy the Bird Brother Build Off