Our Dad, Clifford Goll....thanks Matt

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Insane in the Membrain...Yes MEMBRAIN!!!!

The infamous Z'Gok conversion kit has arrived. This will be T-13's first foray into resin...um..err..modeling resin, as in figure...*coughs*...I say T-13 for I envision this being a joint effort, literally a joint effort. There are so many wild conversions that can be done with resin kits that this should well be worth the painful learning experience as you can see by the photos below.

If everything goes as planned, this shall be a pretty detailed build as far as the blog goes. A barometer of sorts so you can say, "Sheesh, these dudes are loony". That is what we strive for here at T-13 Modeling...making our fellow brethren feel good or at least better about their skills! :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Zulu Update

Well it was that time...decals....mine are about 7 years old, and I did not remember how much trouble they are...the decals on the two helmets were pretty difficult to apply....the skull on the silver helmet, is so stinking small....I was like...is this really worth it...I might not even use the stupid thing......but the challenge was there...could I pull it off...

Here are the completed weapons and backpack...the photo does not show the mistakes...which were many..but, I was trying a bunch of different things...and most came out pretty good....but will be better next kit...learning is a slow process...Just make sure you remember the things that work...I am pretty sure I forgot most of the good things already...DOH!

I have 42 more parts to prime...then paint......then clear coat...a reverse wash, and a bunch of hand painting...and more clear coating...Hope to have another Zulu update by next weekend......

Liam is working on a NRX-044 ASSHIMAR E.F.F. prototype transformable mobile armor...I will post up some of his work later this week...it is a straight build...and is very interesting

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Seeing Brother Matt's colorization of Pa's car (amazing job) has brought me to think of the roots of T-13. Being sick sux, but it also has given me opportunity to read and research other Gundam and Modeling sites. I came to a conclusion...There are loads of damn good model builders out on the Interweb!!!!! I saw a post somewhere out in cyber land or social media and it went something like this: Life without Art is STUPID!!!!! At first, I thought this a bit brash, but when I started to think about it.....it was like, "Yeah, you know, that is absolutely correct". Being of a generation that was not included in the "tech" age growing up, there were plenty of days of "parsing" time with crayolas, clay, paper, glue, and scissors. Everyone in the family found a niche in some artistic form, a direct result from some of the cool things my parents did or had collected (lots of vinyl of old school country) plus the "How can I settle for 24 crayolas when 64 IS SO MUCH COOLER!!!!" haha we drove Ma nuts, but in the end, the "Mecca" of crayons boxes was secured!! I will blab more on this subject in the coming weeks. Hoping others from the "T-13 Crew" will meander some clues to thier artistic beginnings...

So it is ABSOLUTELY fitting to end this post with a song about a "Jet Carrot" yo!!! lolz Plus I am a J-Pop Fiend!!!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Liam's Arios....Geara Zulu stuff...

 Liam built this Arios...and the stand...the stand is awesome, because it really lets this kit come to life...it does not stand very well on its own...As a group, we had never invested in the stands before...Now a lot of the newer kits come with a stand...a huge improvement from Bandai

Here the Arios has been transformed....it is pretty cool to watch Liam go to school on the transforming...I just shake my head and watch...

 It is snowing today, and I had a bunch of paint work I wanted to do...instead...I had an impromptu thought about the Gear Zulu shield...so I just whipped this out... unfortunately...I had a few minor mistakes, and that is the price you pay for the rush of being creative and not waiting....but, I had already broke a part on this kit, so this Geara is being a guinea pig for new Ideas...and I think the kit will still be pretty nice..flawed, but a learning tool
I thought I would do the same on the launcher...but, my vision did not come out as well...I have some hand painting touch ups I will do...again...test... experiment...learn...have fun.... 

I am on the fence about what type of details to put on this launcher...some silver...yellow..olive drab...maybe nothing

I found these paper clips make handy little part holders for painting by hand...these thrusters  came out pretty good...

Well...with the snow...I am going to be forced to be patient and wait to paint...to cold to open the garage doors....so...maybe a little work on my Tau Commander from my 40k collection is in order

Later all...

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Some kit work from the Toad

Here are some of Brother Toad's model projects...Enjoy


As You can see the Toad has a butt load of stuff to build, and a work space full of project...hopefully He will post up some WIP's

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dog sitting and the act of consistent repetitions

This is Duke, he is hanging out with me....he is my son Jason's dog....he didn't think to much of the painting going on....he just wanted to go outside and track down his kids...

This is the last of the prewash....I am on the fence about this process...next kit...I will wash and prep as I go...to many parts

Here is the jumble of primed, painted and glossed parts I was working on....I was trying to be consistent on my spraying...but, I found myself spraying certain parts faraway(primer)...and when I switched to painting parts, I painted closer...for no good reason except of shear stupidity and wanting to be sure I covered the part...I am still trying to figure out how to paint with my cheaters on...since I can not see what is painted very well...I spray, then put the part under my magnification lamp to see how I did...

I had about 5 out of 45 parts that need to be sanded and sprayed again...not too bad

The rocket launcher is one of the parts that I failed on...you can see the pooling....I will wait for a few days, than rough the part up, and smooth out the pooling....and go again....the assault rifle, came out nice...I gave it a gloss coat, and will give it a black wash to highlight some of the details..I will post up pics of it later in the week....as well as the rocket launcher touch ups..

being consistent is the key...I was trying to do to much, and to quick....I paid the price...

I will post up again in a few days....I have a bunch more priming before I can start to put together my paint scheme for this kit....

Skendo out.....

Monday, February 20, 2012

Piece of Cake.... *sigh*

The "Five-to-build-one" kit...piece of cake......NOT!!!!

Oh Yeah, this is going to be "Easy Peasy Japaneasy"!!! lolz I'll post the proper name for this kit in my next attempt at blogging.
I dismantled the Zaku first and chortled "Hah! Piece of cake"!

Then I dismantled another "section" of the kit and thought, "Meh, this is still going to be relatively easy! Never under estimate a kit....NEVER!!!!!!...especially when you are mediocre at best...

Alright, a bit more,
the pieces are beginning to add up! ZOIKS!!!! Note the size of a SD Head Unit compared to the MG Zaku II (below). That's the beauty of SD kits...they are like "big letter" books for adults! (yeah, I drink cheap beer, that's how I save on models and supplies!)

ACK!!! This is starting to be a "full blown kit" nothing simple about it! Of course we knew this all along! *coughs*

I will give more details on this kit as I move forward. Really has the potential to be an excellent build with the opportunity to use some lessons "practically"....since when have model builders been practical???? Peace and Carrots yo!!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Gundam Booty

 Liam working on a new kit,,,,he is using the new Nippers purchased from the Model Cave

Hunter says...Big fingers, little parts...not a good combo

Liam's haul from the Gundam Store

Skendo;s Haul.....

Hunter's goodies

  3 of the action bases like this were purchased...one for each person

We started out at 6 am....off to Plymouth and Fennie....stopped for grub at Leo's Coney Island.....

Then the Gundam Store and More....for an hour of  looking....shopping, wheeling and dealing

Back on the road to Ypsi  to the Model Cave for a shopping spree on all the modeling tools we were in need of...

Crossed the street to the Rocket...a cool little shop, where Skendo bought a Idaho Spud candy bar,,,,,,he was quite happy...he last had one in Montana(his birth state)

Then off to somewhere in the greater Plymouth/Canton area...comic book shop...and 5 Guy Burgers and Fries

then back to Fennies....and a pit stop for a drink, a 5 hour energy and then the drive home....

Fennie has a few pics I hope he adds later...

What a day!