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Saturday, July 28, 2012

RX-78-4 wrap up

This kit has a buttload of parts, and I laid them out on a big board...and then labeled them for color(It took me so long to build this kit, that I forgot my scheme, and actually had to redo it)  I had also done a pre-build...but FORGOT to note the parts to be welded...and I had 2 in the upper arm, and they were load bearing parts...and the lack of a weld caused me a few head aches......

 The painting took a long time..each color had to be sprayed 2 to 3 times per part...and the white needed more...and I kinda missed a few of those parts up...I did not inspect them as good as I should have

 Once every thing was painted up...this kit was very fun to build...a very good design, and if you do a prebuild, there should be no problems...just exercise the holes, and things should fit nicely

 I had a major flub on the back pack...I had to do a bunch of hand painting...and I used enamel paint...and I did not let it dry long enough before touching...aaarghhh
 The Cardinal color scheme came out pretty good...I did have a few parts I painted the wrong color, then had to repaint, so some reds were lighter
action pose

Light-saber pose



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  1. Good work, really think you stepped it up a notch. Will be fun comparing notes and start planning for Ridden!!!!!! FTW!!! Hahaha!