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Friday, April 12, 2013

Junkyard dog FUKU

the FUKU...or the FitchenFOO kits bought by Fennie...
I was very happy that Fennie gave me one of his Zaku's that he purchased from the Foo.
It gave me an opportunity to try my hand at some weathering.

Captain America Who?...IT's FUKU..JYD

rust paint and stipple...with wash 
 I started off by taking the kit apart...it was prebuilt, and needed some sanding and touch ups.....Then I painted the parts a rust color, and added some stipple effects and a wash of brown/rust color
 next I did the salt technique...after painting a coat of acrylic clear and letting it dry...I coated the parts in hair spray...then coarse and fine grain salt and let dry
 then hit it with a few coats of my chosen color
salt rubbed off

salt applied after mentioned steps
these two photos show the before and after process...the left hand photo shows the part with salt...the above right hand shows after the paint was applied and salt removed....
Below we have two photos of the legs inner skeleton and outer parts...each part was done individually and sprayed with color of my  scheme

 The photo below shows the left side foot after my wash of a 10-1 thinned smoke wash...it is subtle  but I thought tied it all together nicely...I also used some blue masking gel  in the weathering process...I painted it on before I added the salt(let it dry completely before adding salt)

 the head unit I had a few issues with the clear shield not fitting over the mono eye...so I left it off
 I added some liquid weather solutions to get the dark rust on the thrusters and power cables...

I finished up with some weathering powders...
and this is what I got....

I learned that you just have to go with it...and try to do things the way you think they should be done...don't worry about right and wrong...Just have fun...learn...and get better each time you set up the modeling mat.................Skendo out...until the next time...questions, comments, critique welcomed.......

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  1. Good stuff and you took it on, learned, next time will be even more fun!!!!