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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Blue Frame Astray Custom Paint build part 1

The Blue Frame Astray MG
Gai Murakumo's Customize Mobile Suit

This kit was a blessing sent to me from Fennie...
I was at first overwhelmed by the complex structure and the amount of parts for certain sections...59 parts for one leg...I was like...crap....

Then I got into the clipping and the sanding and noticed how it was nicely designed so you would not mess up parts while clipping.

I worked for a few weeks clipping and sanding, and pre-building...But unfortunately took minimal notes, so the process did not mean much.

the process

Coffee and biscotte always aid in the process

start of clipping legs

After annealing, I laid out my parts, separated by left and right side...I did this for most of the kit, then I started to hit with paint
Black enamel/chrome
parts lined up for the dance
...I was excited and nervous to try some Alclad...So  I did some research....found a formula to work with...Black enamel, then chrome alclad, followed by hot metal violet...the rest of my pallet,.....Tamiya paints...goldleaf, bronze, and metallic gray

A little mood music

Then I just started to paint, and organize....I had a major error with some dull coat, and had to send parts to Fennie to doctor up for me....there was some minor compromising of parts...so, after that, I decide to skip a top coat, and just try to get the project done.  It was a bit of a blessing, because I got to switch up some parts on the scheme.

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