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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Astray Custom Build part 2

The process of painting then building is always the most fun, as you see your paint scheme and vision come to life

parts painted to my specs
here the parts are primed for a leg and various other sections..I usually keep parts together when priming

straight build
Below to the left is a unpainted version of the astray...and and to its right is what I had a vision and scheme for the kit...it was a lot of work, and I had a few issues, but I think it came out pretty close to what I wanted...as previously stated, I did not top coat after my major mistake with old clear coat...I already had major money into the paint,I did not want to buy more top coat..I will not skip this process again, as I had some chipping and flaking during assembly
Custom color

Here is the completed kit...It has hidden mistakes, and Fennie did a great edit job on my photos...but the heart of the kit is well established in my effort to bring the Astray into a world of my Imagination...I would recommend this kit to any one who loves Gunpla...it is challenging and also fun...after seeing how all the parts move, and come together...I would build another one of these...and not have the same mistakes, and take better care of the kit and follow better work practices....

I learned note taking and documenting is very important... proper anneal and plastic prep is very vital to keep all fuzzies out of paint...prebuild is very vital, plus taking notes of what shows and does not....exercising the holes and prefitting...major plus....

Having the proper paint and primer...and finally....check your top coat stock before you get to far...see what you have, and buy if you need...

I will use Alclad again...it was a huge learning curve...and I may have went to heavy on the hot metal violet...spray and learn my Nerdmigos....

What is up next...I am not sure...but this kit launched T13 in to the new year...a year that will bring growth and development to our skills and Awesomeness....LOL...I kid, I kid....or Do I?

Till next time...Skendo out....and good modeling to you

Various poses and what not...thanks for Looking

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  1. Definitely a beast and hard work to set the foundation of the next level of model building for T-13!