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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

40 Willys RatRod

bare plastic to start the show

 Got the 40 Willys for Christmas...and was in the middle of a Gundam Build...so I shelved it and waited
Once I got time...I hit with some primer(Nato black) because I had none at the time
Nato Black

Metallic Gray
 Then I hit with Metallic Gray...

Polly Maroon
Then a shot of polly maroon...the pic the paint is still wet...

Then I added Gloss red, and a silver hi-light (to hood only )
I sprayed the car Red..and hilighted the hood with silver...a practice at masking....
Then the weathering process began...I used lacquer thinner and dabbed off a few of the paint coats with a paper towel...some of the towel stuck in spots, but I left it....then I used Citadel brown and black washes...several coats each...in some spots I took off to much so I touched up with a dry brush and some metallic gray...I used some oil based paint for grease smudges and more rust....

Before dull coat

I completed kit, and hit with some Citadel dull coat I had laying around...the pic below has been dull coated, but looks like it is not....due to camera and the angles and lighting...all pics were done with my Iphone...

Added some of the non weathered parts, and the cool grill that came with the kit....I paint the chrome parts black for most of the engine, I was going to do rims as well...but decided against...still might turn them black

photo box pic...
 I took a handful of shots in the photo box...using the iphone , I did not get to tweak...my computer is not working well or I would have done some image adjustments...maybe in the Future
Zeon RatRod
a nice top view of my vision of a RatRod
This is only the 2nd car model I have built in a LONG TIME...learned a bit...had fun with the weathering...and kinda just did my own thing...and that is a major factor in modeling...fun, experimentation, and a half way descent result...

I might post up a few more pics of the other side of the car, and a few close ups...and maybe not...you get the jest of it

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