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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Modeling Frenzy...

Been a spell since I posted, but it has been a somewhat busy build time period.  Finished  the Ankoku Gyokuj Psycho SD, The Blue Dual SD, the Goog paint challenge (which still needs a waterside decal) and the Shiba-Shou Xi.

I think as a person who dedicates a significant amount of time to this hobby, you eventually feel a sort of "natural progression".  With airbrushes on the horizon, a whole new set of mistakes are to be made!  As a model building artist, this is how the game is played.  Mistake after mistake until a new plateau of mistakes occur.  All the models shown below are riddled with mistakes, but also lessons learned.  We here now at T-13 Modeling are on the brink of a new ERA!!!  As we celebrate this step forward with Gunpla brothers and sisters world wide, the golden age of modeling for my brother and I is upon us...and we shall embrace it!  Peace brothers and sisters!!!

Ankoku Gyokuji Psycho

Blue Dual SD
Mini Goog challenge

Shiba-Shou Xi


  1. Well done...you are right...perfection is the process of refining your mistakes.....I will never make a perfect kit...and if I do...I will be done building....LOL!

  2. I have not forgot about my bros! Been super busy here!
    I agree that perfection is a rarely achieved goal and that there would be no appreciation for the perfect without realizing the imperfect.
    Keep doing your thang guys! I love looking at the pics! I know "cute" is not what you guys are going for, but that mini goog is so cute!!!!