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Friday, March 2, 2012

Geara Zulu..a kit of discovery....the final chapter

 I tried to not go overboard on this post...I had a bunch of stuff to share...so If it seems like there are some gaps in the photos and process...sorry...I am just trying to spit this stuff out

I learned a great deal from this build, and that was the purpose...not to go ape crap and make this a marvel that should be in a museum(DOH! Like that would happen)....this kit was a learning tool...I chose one thing to really try....I Picked a reverse wash...I wanted to try a panel line wash, but I stuck to one thing to minimize mistake and the torture....I did pretty good, and made a few mistakes....and I left the mistakes, so I could see them, and use it as a visual tool next time around...this KIT was a tool of discovery for me

I had some bad luck out of the gate, as mentioned else where on the blog...had some broken parts and stuff...so I was like...I will just do the best I can and since this is Modeling...I will adapt

The piece on the far right is my main pain...I broke one into 4 pieces...this part holds the pc part...(center) into the upper arm part( far left)...which connects to the shoulder...so this was a pivotal part of the arm...I used some tamiya thin cement, and put the broken parts around the pc part...let dry for a few minutes...while still gooey, I slid all the parts together...I thought I took a pic...but I did not...Dumb A$$...it worked...it held...and that part of the kit went well

 The above photos show the reverse wash attempt...you prime then paint your highlite color(silver) then seal with gloss...then paint the main color(black)....the formula I used was,,,Lacquer based primer, highlite color and gloss coat...then an enamel based main color....after proper periods of curing between each step(a day each)...I used lighter fluid and q-tips to take off the black and expose the silver....I got this info and technique from Major Williams Gundam blog....it is in our blog roll.....it was cool to watch.....I did make a few mistakes on my shoulder pads(the black and silver set) and instead of fixing I left as a reference and future guide

 I started to put stuff together, I did not highlite the power cables anywhere on this suit...the main reason is that I used enamel paint(aluminum) and had never thought about the wash coat...again a learning thing...same with the panel lines...just something I didn't want to try...even though I thought it would add to this kit....to many things going on with out proper knowledge...leads this guy to the CHAOS path...and as Yoda would say...the DARK SIDE.....next kit...panel lines for the learning part...

 Some random shots of the Finished Zulu...I do not have a good camera, and a future project will be a Photobox

I was really happy with the ability to pose and move this kit after it was painted up..and the ease of switching weapons and hands....

This kit is an average skill level build..it was perfect for me to try some new stuff, and since this kit has brother kits, that are more involved...it was a good place to start...not to complex, but a challenge at the same time...

Questions, comments, and what not welcomed....

Time for me to rearrange the work bench...and get ready for the next project....I will post that up soon...

Later and happy modeling!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. More pics of this kit will be put into a photo gallery to be made sometime in the future....and pics of other kits from years ago, to the present...

  2. Good write up and I would say a very solid build. Liked the color scheme and definitely pretty cool on the reverse wash! Yeah, it was a learning process, but overall the reverse wash experience will provide to be useful on the SD Sinanju! (Other kits as well too!) Model on Gunpla Brother!