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Sunday, March 4, 2012

MSN-06S "Ver.Ka Titanium Finish" Sinanju MG 1/100 - Pre-Build and 2 Simple Mods.

Today I decided to start on my MG Titanium Sinanju *swoon* haha!. Starting the pre-build is my first step which basically entails going through the instruction manual and "deflowering" the runners and separating and organizing parts by specific "build areas". As you see above, the "Head Unit". I did a quick basic assembly to get an idea of what will be painted, the color, and how many of the parts, if any, will be "enhanced" (I have to get off this quotations kick!). Also, to see if any simple mods are possible. In this case, a basic mono eye modification is possible. As you can see above the mono eye is a plain piece of clear plastic. The Sinanju has a "barely visible" mono eye... so is this mod extraordinarily effective? Simply, a subtle change I feel will that will add to the awesomeness - yes awesomeness - of the head unit. Below is pictured the HIQ Pink Lens decals I purchased. This is a great product, easy to apply and I am using a 3.0 mm lens decal which is located in the the middle row of the below picture.
Above is the mono eye piece to be modified (if you really call "eliminating" the nub overtly challenging...yeah, for me it was lolz) by trimming of the peg that holds the mono eye.

After trimming and sanding the piece til smooth, I used a black sharpie to shade the area where the decal will be applied. In theory when assembled, this should give a more "pronounced" mono eye plus it gave me something to "aim" for so I could judge if I had it centered correctly!

And there you have have it....The Sinanju has.... PINK EYE!!!! OH NOES!!! *coughs*.

The next mod is even simpler yet. The power cables are replaced with G-System metal power cable and for lack of a better term "Beads". Pretty self explanatory and the only cost in this mods is....MONEY!!! But it should be a nice (once again) subtle highlight to the Sinanju!

The most difficult part of the pre-build is tending to the nubs of the "Titanium Pieces"...tricky to say the least and seam lines...don't talk to me about seam lines....I am going to see if I can possibly match a touch up color for this kit, if not, like all of us, it will be flawed! haha! This is going to be a long process so stay tuned for more updates and kookiness! Got to love Gunpla my brethren!


  1. Are you going to paint the piece that holds the mono eye or just dull coat it? Those are cool mods...What is the head like...do you have to do a weld? the kit looks cool...Is it weird, we are both building the same kit...must be something in the water...Doh!

  2. No welding unless I can find a touch up. Going to paint pearl white possibly. Reverse wash white/black is consideration...