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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sinanju Thruster Mod

Tools for the Mod
Comparison of Thrusters

Topic of  this post is "Thruster Mod" for the MG Titanium Sinanju.  Trust me, there are not many tutorials available to guide one through  this process so I hope this will be of some help for beginners like me everywhere.
On the left you see the comparison between the factory thrusters and the upgraded thrusters.  On the right are the tools involved for the process of the modification.  Pin vice, nippers, and sanding pad.  I used the sharpie to mark where I was going to drill the hole as sort of a guide to keep it centered and somewhat in the middle.  *sighs* lol.

Thruster piece ready for nub removal
Nubs removed lightly sanded.

Nubs removed and light sand to ensure a nice flat surface to drill the holes for the pins to which the thrusters will attach.  Always a bit nerve racking when you start removing pieces of a "not-so-cheap"  mecha masterpiece!

Holes Drilled
Now large drill to accommodate the pin size
I "eyeballed" the bit size for drilling the holes, started smaller to get the initial hole  than used a slightly smaller bit than the pin size of the thruster so it it would seat nice and snug!

Pins now ready for thrusters.

Now that was probably the most difficult part of the process.  You need to check the instructions to see how the thruster assembles to the body armor, this way you can see how much room is need to allow for proper installation of the whole unit.
Assembled Thrusters Yeah!
Chrome (left) and Gun Metal (right)
The thrusters now fitted, I have two different colors -  Chrome and Gun Metal.  Unfortunately I am not quite equipped to produce quality photos at the moment, you will just have to take my word for it!  lol

The project is basically finished.  I have to prime the thruster units and decide on a color to paint them.  This is the fun part of the build and the tough work is done and you can start comparing paint schemes with the model.  Here are some pics of the thruster mod in what will be ultimately the finally assembly!
Admiring my work! lolz
Top view'

Closer view
Rear view
Another view

So, there you have it.  I used  G-Option Thrusters and there are a ton of options at your disposal.  These options vary from what part of the planet you are located!  I am not sure if there is a difference between "Thrusters" and "Verniers" but G-option was affordable and very reasonable for shipping from Hong Kong.  GG Infinite (US) is offering several varieties as well, little more expensive, but the free shipping and being based in California is a great option.  I have several more thruster builds to do, so stay tuned for more updates Gunpla Brothers and Sisters!

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  1. sweet...chrome looks cool...don't need to paint...good job on mod