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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sinanju SD progress, problems..and learn as you go

 Started work on head and upper torso....the head I wanted to "NOT" have a seam line, so I needed to build and paint eye unit and jaw plate..and insert in head before making the seam weld...since I do not have an airbrush yet, I had to resort to the old paint,tape and pray method.

head unit
pre-tape area of weld

had a few bubble issues..sanded a bit more
painted and a light sand

pre-painted  jaw plate
head unit with jaw plate and weld completed

painted head...I had a few bubbles again 
finished head before panel wash 

I ran into a problem with the Testors one coat lacquer..since I had never used it...I sprayed like I normally do...but with this paint, you need to just mist a few coats..and let them sit for a bit between...then do a final overall coat..Good to know(hindsight)
Finished head w/panel wash

You can see the bubbles in that groove in the helmet...I am sure a airbrush would make painting a bit more controllable....probably a LOT more....

On to the upper body torso...5 parts and pretty straight forward...I was on the fence about a wielding down the side..I tried, it was bad...I would not do that weld again if I could do it over

 this is the breast plate unit...it is the Standout piece on the upper torso..I attempted to do a reverse wash...primed, hand painted my hi-light color, gloss coated...then black enamel paint, then q-tips and lighter fluid to remove the black from the painted hi-light areas

I had a few issues with the q-tips...but it came out passable...Major Williams said in his blog...you would have to work on this skill. it is harder than it looks, and my success with my Zulu, made me cocky..LOL

gloss black

hand painted hi-lights
 Here is the main part of the torso...it has a bunch of stuff I wanted to reverse wash...tiny...stuff

messy looking, and not passable
 process started good...then...things took a turn...I got q-tip fuzz everywhere, my gloved hands started to get tacky from the lighter fluid

so I stripped it back down...gave it a soapy bath, rinsed it, and it is drying....

Then called it a day....Frustration at the modeling table is not a positive, best just push away from the table...and start again later

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  1. It's late, but a very good post. Frustration, yeah, we all have to draw that line where walking away might stop further damage. I have few issues with my Sinanju that might require me getting a new part...but I think the Breast plate looka very good. I think you might want to consider using a brush for some of the wash - I don't know, I have yet to try! lolz! Good post, learning curve is plenty bigger, but I think we will be better model builders for sharing these "learning experiences"...