Our Dad, Clifford Goll....thanks Matt

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tribute to my Dad..Driver of the (T)13stock car..and paint scheme innovator....inspiration to his Family

This is the Man...Clifford Goll.."POPS"...he was a.great Father and Grandfather ..wisdom provider, ear to his kids, and anyone who needed to talk...he was a stock car driver, heavy equipment operator, I.B.E.W. member from the beginning, ranch hand....And in his own way, the inspiration that has become T-13 Modeling....

Here is the original T-13 car...it was the first of his 2 stock cars that I have record of....(During his racing  years).He lived and farmed/ranched in a small Montana community called Loring...and was sponsored by local ranchers and the only auto shop in the area

 these pics are after this car was put to pasture so to speak, after a hard crash in the  late 50's...I want to say 58-59 or so....

 I have been researching the year and make of this car...and hope that this post will get some more leads...as these photos, really show all angles of the Old 13 in its crumpled glory

This car was my Dads quickest, and the one he had the most success in....I am not sure of the make and model...but as I said before...maybe these photos will help in that process

 Dad had a pretty cool paint scheme if you take the time to really look it over....he split the car, and did opposite paint jobs on each side...and his color choice is where we draw, what we like to call "Team colors"...pretty spiffy I think for an old country boy from the sticks in Montana


  1. Thank you for posting these! I wish I was old enough to have been there, but knowing Pa, I am sure it was STELLAR!