Our Dad, Clifford Goll....thanks Matt

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Seeing Brother Matt's colorization of Pa's car (amazing job) has brought me to think of the roots of T-13. Being sick sux, but it also has given me opportunity to read and research other Gundam and Modeling sites. I came to a conclusion...There are loads of damn good model builders out on the Interweb!!!!! I saw a post somewhere out in cyber land or social media and it went something like this: Life without Art is STUPID!!!!! At first, I thought this a bit brash, but when I started to think about it.....it was like, "Yeah, you know, that is absolutely correct". Being of a generation that was not included in the "tech" age growing up, there were plenty of days of "parsing" time with crayolas, clay, paper, glue, and scissors. Everyone in the family found a niche in some artistic form, a direct result from some of the cool things my parents did or had collected (lots of vinyl of old school country) plus the "How can I settle for 24 crayolas when 64 IS SO MUCH COOLER!!!!" haha we drove Ma nuts, but in the end, the "Mecca" of crayons boxes was secured!! I will blab more on this subject in the coming weeks. Hoping others from the "T-13 Crew" will meander some clues to thier artistic beginnings...

So it is ABSOLUTELY fitting to end this post with a song about a "Jet Carrot" yo!!! lolz Plus I am a J-Pop Fiend!!!!


  1. My first artistic drive started in 1970...we had moved to the country outside of Big Sandy Montana. That year for Christmas, Santa brought me a Big Chief notebook and a box of crayons....yeah, I had them all before....it was nothing new...but now we lived way out in the country, had no TV and No neighbor kids...so that notebook, and crayons became the world I lived in....I drew cars, and tanks, and battle scenes....I made the infamous scribble art...it was my way to create....I also got a kick ass Johnny West action figure that year, with a horse...so thanks to Marx Toys...I also had the love of cool toys....and my imagination took off even more...that is where I feel my true love of art....and toys really came to life....

  2. To begin, I currently have the cigar box 120 count of Crayola's LOL
    The poor kids have begged to use them, but nay, they are mine! They have their own LOL
    I have always wanted to be able to draw or paint, but that is something that you have to have some sort of talent to start with. I do not. I can imagine it in my mind, but never comes thru to the paper. I have always loved photos; taking them, looking thru them and enjoying the memories. In 2006 my friend Corrin introduced me to scrapbooking. I was hooked instantly! Pens, markers, colors, patterns and my beloved pictures. I can be creative with the help of items that I can alter and preserve memories in an artistic way. My name is Mindi, and I am a scrapbooking addict!