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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Geara Zulu Phase 2....the long process of paint prep

In this photo I have parts separated...one has right arm, one body, ect ect....the 2 yellow parts...are actually one piece that broke when I took that section apart...even with all of the pre-fit work I did...parts can do the unexpected...my solution to this problem....paint up each part...and put them where they go...they match up pretty good...and will probably be unnoticed by most people...and since this is a cheaper kit...I am going to just make do

Here  are the right and left leg...they are coming out of the wash and rinse...according to the prep bottle...a 10 minute soak in the soapy water, followed by a dunk in rinse water...then let dry

 Here I have the parts after the Model Prep solution...there is a butt load of stuff...that is why this process takes a bit...these will dry until tomorrow...and I will either prime them and leave them on their sticks until their paint process is done...or I will remove them(with rubber gloves on) and put them in a storage box with a cloth bottom so I can use my limited sticks for the remaining parts of the kit.....basically repeating this process until all parts have been Prepped and then ready for primer and paint....

I am not the most" patient" person so this is tough.(definition no. 6 of the word patient::  quietly and steadily persevering or diligent, especially indetail or exactness: a patient worker)   


  1. So lack of patience is most definitely a family trait! Not even close to a strong point for me! Unbelievable how tiny some of those parts are! ACK!

  2. The Goll flaw....LOL!

    Yes, there are some very small parts...this is a High Grade Kit...the Master Grade kit has 2 times the parts...and Perfect Grade
    has sheet after sheet of parts...freakin insane