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Monday, February 20, 2012

Piece of Cake.... *sigh*

The "Five-to-build-one" kit...piece of cake......NOT!!!!

Oh Yeah, this is going to be "Easy Peasy Japaneasy"!!! lolz I'll post the proper name for this kit in my next attempt at blogging.
I dismantled the Zaku first and chortled "Hah! Piece of cake"!

Then I dismantled another "section" of the kit and thought, "Meh, this is still going to be relatively easy! Never under estimate a kit....NEVER!!!!!!...especially when you are mediocre at best...

Alright, a bit more,
the pieces are beginning to add up! ZOIKS!!!! Note the size of a SD Head Unit compared to the MG Zaku II (below). That's the beauty of SD kits...they are like "big letter" books for adults! (yeah, I drink cheap beer, that's how I save on models and supplies!)

ACK!!! This is starting to be a "full blown kit" nothing simple about it! Of course we knew this all along! *coughs*

I will give more details on this kit as I move forward. Really has the potential to be an excellent build with the opportunity to use some lessons "practically"....since when have model builders been practical???? Peace and Carrots yo!!!


  1. Yikes...YOU GOT YER MONEYS WORTH ON THAT BAD BOY....i GUESS IT IS EASIER THAN STARTING THE hI nU OR THE aSTRAY.....one step at a time...and look at all of the practice you will get,,HA HA

    I should have got one...looks like a lot of FUN!!!!

  2. Holy ton of tiny pieces! Looks pretty cool, have fun with that!