Our Dad, Clifford Goll....thanks Matt

Monday, February 13, 2012

Otamatone's Rock

....I bought this for my step son Caleb for his 14th birthday..

What does this Otamatone.have to do with modeling...nothing....but it part of the art of Music, that we at T-13 embrace....

Caleb's latest musical addition goes in hand with his Violin and other stringed instruments and piano he likes to play....  He is hoping to play the xylophone next year in the High School Marching band...as well as the Violin in Orchestra......all while playing football.....and taking honors classes.....the boy is insane....


  1. So, I am not gonna lie. No clue what an Otamatone is, but it looks cool! Caleb is an amazing young man!

  2. google it...and be glad your kid doesn't have one...

  3. Don't forget your younger brother's birthday...Joe from the foundry days posted his he got for x-mas, they are complete win asimo!!!!

  4. I will let you try out Calebs at the next Skendo Summit....Be ready to Jam as well...