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Friday, February 10, 2012

Ah Pook The Destroyer...of Models...

“Nobody owns life, but anyone who can pick up a frying pan owns death.”
William S. Burroughs

What does William mean??? Nobody owns Model Building, but if you pick up a frying pan, you can smash your model to bits. Yes, it is truly a labor of love...and frustration. My on again, off again love affair with model building has been tenuous and fleeting to say the least. Yeah, I love plastic of all kinds. Action figures, vinyl designer toys, WH40K, Zoids, Cars, Gunpla and what have you.

I remember when I was quite young my brother Kris building Hot Rod models. He would let me use spare pieces to make my own goofy creations which usually entailed me gluing tires to a chassis (with out axles of course) Globbing on paint and genuinely thinking I had done a fantastic job. Ah yes, youth lost. Plastic creations are a very powerful part of the sub culture of these United States. Plastic army men, planes, trucks, animals, dinosaurs vividly shaped our imaginations. Now we have the internet...virtual modeling...I think that's why a majority of "Hard Core" modelers are a bit older...Not all, but paint eaters usually are a little on the "far side". Don't get me wrong, the youth of today is producing fantastic model builders. Really good model builders. But the old guard stands true and it seems model building is a fleeting hobby on the decline...or is it??? That's what we do here at T-13. It is all Americana - Art (I include literature)-Music-Toys. That is what I live for...I love art-music-toys. You probably would guffaw, "What about family, friends, sweethearts, and pets"??? Those are a given. Model Builders (like any other enthusiasts) sacrifice like any other genre of wackos. So what is the point I am making in this post? The point is we/I/T-13 are going to share our little slice of subculture to the very brave few. Family, friends, lovers and spouses (may they never meet eep!) pets always come first, but then the BIG three - Art-Music-Toys... that is the spice we love to tend our creative juices with!

To all the scribes and artists and practitioners of magic through whom these spirits have been manifested….
William S. Burroughs, Cities of the Red Night

Build well and prosper.


  1. Very nice! Although my art-toys-music may vary slightly from yours, the ideal is there and the passion also. Create with all your heart bros, and I will with mine!

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  3. My point was Scrappers and Model Builders = ART! haha!