Our Dad, Clifford Goll....thanks Matt

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Gundam Booty

 Liam working on a new kit,,,,he is using the new Nippers purchased from the Model Cave

Hunter says...Big fingers, little parts...not a good combo

Liam's haul from the Gundam Store

Skendo;s Haul.....

Hunter's goodies

  3 of the action bases like this were purchased...one for each person

We started out at 6 am....off to Plymouth and Fennie....stopped for grub at Leo's Coney Island.....

Then the Gundam Store and More....for an hour of  looking....shopping, wheeling and dealing

Back on the road to Ypsi  to the Model Cave for a shopping spree on all the modeling tools we were in need of...

Crossed the street to the Rocket...a cool little shop, where Skendo bought a Idaho Spud candy bar,,,,,,he was quite happy...he last had one in Montana(his birth state)

Then off to somewhere in the greater Plymouth/Canton area...comic book shop...and 5 Guy Burgers and Fries

then back to Fennies....and a pit stop for a drink, a 5 hour energy and then the drive home....

Fennie has a few pics I hope he adds later...

What a day!


  1. Good day for sure, I didn't even rub in getting the "Hi Nu" MG!!! I think the sleeper kit is the SD Sinanju - I think you will do something very good with that! 13!!!!!!!

  2. I looked at the Hi Nu on line when I got home...that really was a great deal...way bigger in person.....

    I have to get my but in geara so I can finish my zulu...

  3. Good times had by all! If you ever get a hankering for a Spud, I can certainly put together a care package for ya!