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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Model Ninja

This is Liam...the youngest of the Skendo brood....He is holding a Gundam Store and More club card...He loves building Gundams, 40K figures, and Lego creations.

He made a stop action Lego movie Liam's lego adventure check it out...and remember this is a 9 year old, and did it on his own..

You will be seeing Liam's Lego creations as well as his kit builds...as Fennie and Skendo...start to help him do the little things on his journey to modeling Icon....he has a passion for building and figuring stuff out...that is why I have given him plenty of space, to explore, make mistakes, and to learn...all without trying to smother his creative ability....thank goodness for his mom's gene pool!

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