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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dog sitting and the act of consistent repetitions

This is Duke, he is hanging out with me....he is my son Jason's dog....he didn't think to much of the painting going on....he just wanted to go outside and track down his kids...

This is the last of the prewash....I am on the fence about this process...next kit...I will wash and prep as I go...to many parts

Here is the jumble of primed, painted and glossed parts I was working on....I was trying to be consistent on my spraying...but, I found myself spraying certain parts faraway(primer)...and when I switched to painting parts, I painted closer...for no good reason except of shear stupidity and wanting to be sure I covered the part...I am still trying to figure out how to paint with my cheaters on...since I can not see what is painted very well...I spray, then put the part under my magnification lamp to see how I did...

I had about 5 out of 45 parts that need to be sanded and sprayed again...not too bad

The rocket launcher is one of the parts that I failed on...you can see the pooling....I will wait for a few days, than rough the part up, and smooth out the pooling....and go again....the assault rifle, came out nice...I gave it a gloss coat, and will give it a black wash to highlight some of the details..I will post up pics of it later in the week....as well as the rocket launcher touch ups..

being consistent is the key...I was trying to do to much, and to quick....I paid the price...

I will post up again in a few days....I have a bunch more priming before I can start to put together my paint scheme for this kit....

Skendo out.....


  1. What a cute pup!!
    I don't wear my cheaters, but I do wear my regular glasses. I am constantly looking over the top of them. Man getting old sucks!

  2. Yup! To much to quick is no good.

    Been there done that. Always sucks because we know better.