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Monday, February 13, 2012

You have to "Pick Up" and make a start!

Sometimes you just have to throw down, damn it, just start and let the paint fly and trust the "Modeling Gods" to sort it all out! Yes, that was the theme this weekend. I sanded, cleaned, washed, twisted, turned all that I could..."Let Freedom Ring With A Rattle Can Blast"!!!!!! Ok, Machine Head quote sufficiently butchered, now to the meat and potatoes...um..err..plastic and paint!
As you see from the above picture, I resorted going to the "work place" on this previous Sunday, which after working their for 11 hrs. on Saturday was almost masochistic, but be damned, I had to start, I had to see how much I learned from brother Skendo, all that I read, watched, and hypothesized and needed a practical canvas "to work my art". Also, this was the maiden use of the "Lacquer One Coat" series, and also this was the first "spraying in several years" for yours truly. The cool thing was I had plenty of space, my Ipod Dock" (best $40.00 I have spent in a while) and beside scaring the bejezzus out of the cleaning lady, no distractions.

I also found out that 30 gator sticks was "close" to not enough. Why you may ask? I sprayed every part I had and I just barely had enough to keep up the rotation. I started slow with two "fails" on the paint and "paint-ee". Using the "one coat" paint, I should not have polished the parts with the 800 and 1000 grit sand paper, BUT if you need to paint, short on time and skill, you can get varied results depending upon the *coughs* skill level manning the rattle can.
The Color scheme is something that Skendo and I have envisioned for T-13, based upon the colors the Old Man flew as a dirt burner. I could post more pics, but obviously, that would be overkill. The mistakes are as obvious as the scant positives. Like has been stated, this is more of a "How not to Model" versus the "How To". I won't be doing anything tonight but planning what to do with the weapons, detailing, panel lines, ect. ect. ect.

So finally, the "Dance" begins...


  1. Getting started is always the hard part bro. We took almost 7 years off...and painting 40K is nothing like rattle can painting...so many variables on a larger surface.....The initial painting is pretty good...considering you had to move everything, had little sleep, and did not have a truly climate controlled environment to spray in.....I think a few mistakes is about par for the course...fixing is not that hard, especially if you went one coat finish....enamel thinner and some paper towels...you'll be back in business.....it is hard to think you can't be perfect first shot out of the box...that is why a practice kit or two is the way to Go....I think you did good!

  2. To the very untrained eye when it comes to your type of art, I think it looks good. And as always, I enjoyed reading it. I am glad my entertainment is taken into consideration LOL