Our Dad, Clifford Goll....thanks Matt

Monday, February 13, 2012

Geara Zulu Phase 1 part 2

each body section has been sanded , test fitted, welds made on those parts that needed them

Weapons have been cut out, and waiting assembly, welding, and test fitting

After all the parts have been completed, they will get a soapy bath and rinse....then a coating of Testors Plastic prep...and then dry for a day.....I hope to begin this process by weeks end...but it depends on my schedule..

This is the back side of the hobby area...a place I can put on a cd or hold your breath. a cassette tape or a vinyl LP ...to listen to while working on a kit....Or I can thrown down a few power chords...or record a few random ramblings on the 4 track.....Art-MUSIC-Toys


  1. Love the back side LOL I too have LP's that I listen to while crafting. My collection would never hold a candle to yours I am sure, but I got a few decent yard sale finds.

  2. Yes...it is where I make an Ass of myself...LOLZ! My records are still stashed until spring cleaning day...then I can make room...

    Yard sales are a great way to find little treasures!

  3. Nice work on the Zulu! Maybe you can show the "Cut" for the test fit. Ya know I did that to the Zaku of your reclamation project, and I am not sure how I did now! Looks like it should be a good build. Interested to hear where improvements were made and lessons learned.

  4. Doh!...I should have said sniped out....I have just been exercising the holes....boy that sounds bad....with my exacto....it has worked very well so far...I will show a part by part blow for one of the weapons...they are tiny and will need extra care trying to weld(bond) the seams up so they will look good....